Minority Energy Advocate Group

Energy is about more than companies, it is about people.

We support Americas need to become energy independent through diversity and job inclusion while protecting the environment. We must develope Americas energy sources at home. As we invest in new energy sources, we must also maintain and re-invest in our traditional sources to secure Americas energy future.

Stay abreast and become informed of energy policies and legislation that effect your future.

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What You Can Do:

  • Write both members of Congress and the Senate to let them know you are concerned about Energy Legislation and Policies.
  • Find out if newly approved projects have a Diversity plan in place.
  • Express your opinions to Government agencies that regulate the setting of Energy Policy.
  • Send letters or email voicing your opinions on all energy legislation to members of the Energy Committee and express these same concerns to the Congressional Black Caucus.
  • Send letters and email to the editors of your local urban media outlets.

Who to Contact: