American Energy Diversity Group

The American Energy Diversity Group (AEDG) was formed to serve as a catalyst to foster job inclusion, job advancement, and business opportunities for ethnic minorities within the energy sector. We value and respect the skills, talents, and abilities of each person's contribution regardless of culture. We feel that diversity must no longer become an issue, it must become a reality. We support growth of the energy sector in finding and exploring new energy sources while minimizing the impact of construction to our environment and historically sensitive areas.

As we seek to find and develop new energy sources, we must also re-invest in and expand America's traditional energy sources. To secure America's energy future at home, we believe that America should strive to become energy independent. We also believe it is just as important to have an inclusive and diverse workforce at all levels of each organization involved.

We are committed to the highest standard of safety to preserve and protect the integrity of both lives and property. The AEDG provides a platform to reach, inform, and educate our ethnic and historically disenfranchised communities through workshops and community out-reach in order to meet America's need for clean, safe, and affordable energy.

Our Mission

Our mission is to facilitate energy diversity expansion, encourage workplace diversity and promote positive energy legislation.


If you would like to support the AEDG and its causes, you can make a donation. Donate online or contact us for more information.

AEDG Newspaper

Ethnic Diversity Conference on Energy

October 4-5, 2013
Isle of Capri Casino
Lake Charles, LA

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